Cashmere Clinic


Rue Jacob loves cashmere and has decided to open the first EVER online cashmere clinic to repair or redress any of your old favorite pieces. Seriously, who doesn’t have an old comfy irreplaceable jumper in their cupboards?


There are two services that can be done:


- Redress

This will cost 15 euros* and will give a new life to your cashmere. We will aim to give back it's original fit!


- Repair

The cost vary between 20 to 50* euros depending on how many reparis you may need. This is way we will send you a quote before for your approval.**


To find out if your cashmere is eligible for either repair or redress please send an e-mail to, and please tell us the following:


1) Your full name and address with a daytime phone number in case we need to contact you.


2) If you need either repair or redress.


3) Please include pictures of the garment so we can understand if we can help or not. We wouldn’t want you to loose anytime and costs in shipping if we can’t help in the first place.


Then, we will send you a quote for your approval via e-mail. Once this is done you can send your garment to us at:


William Lockie & Co Ltd

8 Kirk Wynd - Hawick

TD9 0AL Scotland



* Please note that shipping costs are excluded.

** Please note that if we do find more repairs to be done during the process we will inform you before we carry on, just to find out if you are ok to proceed.